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Moving somewhere new can be a fascinating, yet frightening experience for most people. For the most part, whether you’re talking about a new city, new neighborhood, or a new church, everything is new and strange. Few things are familiar. Most things are different.


You don’t feel like you know anyone and sometimes, you even tell yourself no one really wants to know you. Rarely is that true. But you feel that way anyhow.


We understand those feelings when it comes to connecting with a new church. We’ve been there.  We were “new” here once ourselves. You don’t know people’s names, you don’t know where groups meet. You may struggle to find the restrooms and the water fountain; and forget finding the nursery. That’s impossible with all the people.


It’s not easy being “new.” It never has been and probably never will be. But we want to make your experience here at NEB as rewarding and encouraging as possible. That’s why we have CONNECT@NEB. It will give you an overview of the heart and soul of our ministry. And while it’s impossible to cover everything in one three-part session, we’ve tried to cover the essentials through this program.


Most of all, we want to help you get a good grasp of what it means to "get connected."


When you’ve finished CONNECT@NEB, you may not feel like a seasoned veteran, but you’ll know what it takes to get connected.

New Member Orientation


The first Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.


What to expect:

  • Learn about membership

  • Connecting overview

    • History

    • Purpose

    • Priorities

    • What We Believe

    • What It Means To Be "Fully Devoted"



Dr. Timothy J. Brown, Pastor/Teacher

Rev. Michael D. Sterrett, Facilitator

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